Michał Makarewicz

Michał Makarewicz

About me

I am passionate about programming and automatic solutions that facilitate work on a computer. Automation is my specialization that I am passionate about and I develop my skills.
I am a programmer by passion and I learn on my own in my free time without completing courses.
It is at the same time my hobby and passion for technology to create new solutions on the web, creating applications and programs for automation.
My main programming language is Python. The knowledge I have about programming, I drew from my own learning by creating applications and solutions for programs in which they were missing. I would like to develop my skills full-time, which is why I am looking for a solution that will allow me to improve my skills, establish new contacts in this industry and fulfill myself in this. My innate intuition helps me learn new aspects of programming that are unknown to me, thanks to which I create applications and programs that exceed the scope of my knowledge of a given programming language, but these programs always work stably and surprisingly well.
I would like to develop my skills to the next level, because my potential will help me create large projects.

Any cooperation is welcome, which will allow me to fulfill myself in this aspect, I am open to possibilities.

Who am I?

I am an ambitious guy who likes to struggle with challenges, often undertakes projects that exceed my capabilities but thanks to this I have to learn more issues and find solutions to emerging problems, which in programming is the main occupation.
Programming for me is like solving puzzles and finding workarounds for algorithms that don’t quite work as we would like them to. My goal is to learn all programming languages and create useful software that in the future will contribute significantly to the development of technology, finding solutions for methods and systems that today do not work as they should or have vulnerabilities is something in which I would like to get involved as a programmer and create a better future.

Looking at how Blockchain technology is developing and how much we need a technological leap with today’s global problems, it makes me not want to waste my time and I want to contribute to the improvement of the situation in which we find ourselves on the 5-10 years of age.
New solutions are necessary to make our lives easier and simpler, many systems or laws are becoming more and more complicated for simple people, so we programmers should come and make it all easier and simpler by showing extraordinary creativity and understanding of people’s needs in the current information-saturated world.

My interests?

Programming and computers are not my only interests, but they are my key aspects in which I am most fulfilled and the rest is a complement.
Guitar playing:
In my free time, when I need breaks from the computer, I usually grab my guitar and start playing or learn a new song, thanks to which my eyes rest and my mind is engaged in something completely different, thanks to which I maintain inner harmony and gain new inspiration for subsequent projects.
Playing an instrument relaxes me, and the satisfaction of learning something new gives me great satisfaction with the systematic work put into it.
Spiritual development:
I am a spiritual person, which is why I develop in this aspect. I try to understand how the world works and how energy circulates in the universe, thanks to which it reduces stress in my life and I follow my own moral compass guided by intuition. I regularly meditate and take care of the environment in which I live in order to maintain balance in my life and in my surroundings.

What do I do?

At the moment, in my free time, I am learning programming in Python and improving my skills in the field of automation, creating applications and connections between platforms. In addition, I run an Ebay store, based on the Dropshipping structure, and manage a page about Cryptocurrencies and Discord, conduct analyzes of Cryptocurrency markets and share information with a small group on Facebook.
I work part-time for IKEA on weekends , but I would prefer to devote my time to developing my programming skills to become better and better in this aspect, so changing position is very desirable for me if it is aimed at my industry, I would like to become the best at what I do, so I want to devote all my available time to developing these skills and receiving the equivalent of salary to my skills.

What kind of person am I?

I am a 100% introvert with an analytical mind, contact with people is not one of my strengths and I am not afraid to admit it, but I have no problems in making new contacts.I like to do everything that develops my skills and requires creativity. I don’t like to waste time and I always focus on the best and simplest solutions in everything I undertake. I am an ambitious person and I usually aim high, I like to set the bar much higher, thanks to which my development is usually dynamic in most aspects. I spend little time on entertainment or rest, I prefer to be active most of my time as much as my life energy will allow, and recreation is a tiring aspect for me and I try to avoid it.

I stick to a healthy lifestyle, it is very important for me to have clarity of my mind and to keep it functioning at the best speed, so I try to do everything to keep my mind in the best shape.

How do I see the world?

Despite the different things that are happening in the world that we don’t always understand or are abstract to us. I try to keep my mind sober and look at everything with a wink of salt. I do not pay attention to what I have no influence on and I cut myself off from negative media, most often I focus on what is important to me and what I have influence on, everything that develops me and pushes me forward. I do not like to stand still, so I remain active all the time and I immediately try to implement each of my ideas if I am able.