Michał Makarewicz

Michał Makarewicz

Ever since I graduated from high school, I've always wanted to do entrepreneurship or do something interesting that has a greater impact on people's lives, so for most of my experience I've been developing my skills and trying to find something I really like. Despite the fact that I graduated from the Technical School of Information Technology in which I had programming classes and I wanted to learn it, my teachers discouraged me and it seemed to me that it was not suitable for this. However, when I started to learn on my own, it turned out that I very easily assimilate all the knowledge and intuitively understand issues with which I have never had anything to do. My interests have always been directed towards the Automatic Solution, as e.g. when running online stores I was always fascinated by software that enabled automatic operation of these stores, but the mass of problems on the market never allowed me to build a huge empire that would generate multi-million profits 🙂 But I got to know the E-Commerce industry up close and I can build a store that generates profits.


I liked this business model the most of all the activities I dealt with. For several years I ran several stores on Ebay based on the Dropshipping model, due to the available automation and many solutions to improve the entire business. However, thanks to this experience, I see many problems with which          E-commerce stores are struggling, which very often results in the quality of service offered by these stores.


After my success on Dropshipping, I tried to grow my store using the Shopify platform. My experience gives me the opportunity to create an online store from scratch on the Shopify platform together with the product and all the technical background, but I am not the right person to manage Marketing, therefore, despite an excellent store and all automation without help, I am not able to develop my business based only on my skills. Marketing when running such a business is always the most important and expensive.

Web developing

In my experience, I have pages created on request. I always focus on transparency and simplicity, which is why the pages I create are easy to find by an ordinary user and always get positive feedback about the created interface on them.

Business MLM

I had my first contact with business thanks to Multi level Marketing, although this type of business was not adapted to my personality, I owe it to many contacts and experience gained while running a group and numerous conversations with people. This experience opened me up better to the entrepreneurial world, better organization and networking, I achieved failures and successes smaller and larger. In the end, I decided that this type of business is not my industry, but very much the experience gained from many MLM businesses I have met.

Creating a Video

When something starts to work and brings profits, people start to take an interest, thanks to which I started to create Video tutorials for a group of people who were interested in my activities. I can record, adjust the environment and catch the perfect frame, editing also does not cause me problems and I have processed a lot of material into valuable content for the audience.

Social Media

Through MLM to manage Social Media. It was thanks to Online businesses, MLM, that I began to learn how to manage Social Media and what attracts attention. I have managed to build and attract the attention of many interested people, I know what is important to make the profile look interesting and how to create posts to interest the audience, experience is very valuable for marketing campaigns. My experience classifies as basic or intermediate, but it is an additional skill that can be useful, given how important Social Media is in our world right now.

Discord Automation

Discord is a meeting place for a community that shares information on common topics on a given server, I am very interested in automation on Discord and I think it is a brilliant solution to organize the channels and information that appears on this platform, which is why I dealt with automation on my own Discord servers and it does not cause me the slightest difficulty.

Desktop applications

My biggest interest is programming, especially Python is my favorite language for creating applications and I am very happy to use it for programs. The applications that I have created so far show high stability and trouble-free functioning as well as ease in updating old code. My portfolio can be checked in the Experience tab.

Edit graphics

This is not my strong point, but the ability to create graphics was required when creating educational materials, courses, or many other things that need graphics. That’s why I have basic skills in reworking Graphics and enhancing details to match the look, and it works out pretty well for me.

Cryptocurrency Courses

One of my greatest works on which I have spent a huge amount of time. I have been interested in cryptocurrencies for many years and I believe that it may be a key factor in the future, so I wanted to learn as much as possible about it, and when I did, I interested others and decided to create a set of courses that can educate the community that needs knowledge about it.
Courses are available on the Elevate Pass platform officially in English.