Michał Makarewicz

Michał Makarewicz


A healthy diet makes us function much better on a daily basis, which is why for many years I tested various combinations in diets to become the most mentally efficient and so thanks to Rob Gryn I came across the Keto diet, which increased my mental capacity many times and fits my lifestyle. In most diets, cooking took me a lot of time, with the Ketogenic diet my time spent on cooking was reduced to a minimum, and the frequency of meals consumed was limited to 1-2 per day, thanks to which I was able to increase my efficiency and time in flow of mental focus which translates into productivity and suits me very well.


Keeping our physical body in good shape translates into many aspects of our lives. We feel better about ourselves, we have more self-confidence and more energy to act and our body produces more serotonin on a daily basis, which makes us happier and we have the desire to act and do creative things. I exercise from the moment I could introduce strength activity into my life and maintain the good condition of my body at all times. I work on fitness to maintain an adequate level of energy and tolerance to physical exertion. During exercise, the mind rests from the effort, so it is worth intertwining in your schedule strength exercises in the interval between mental effort, which in programming and analysis is very intense.

Healthy mind

The mind is our processor, which performs many operations and has practically unlimited possibilities, it is worth taking care of the efficiency of this computer, so that it can serve as long as possible. The health of the mind is very important to me, which is why I perform activities, exercises and methods that have a positive effect on its condition, e.g. When I feel tension or stress, I meditate or do exercises to relax the mind. Thanks to this, the states in which my mind is overloaded quickly eliminate and I give my mind time to regenerate or remain in a state of neutrality. In our lives many situations can happen, the rush of life overwhelms us often, including the lack of time, and all this makes a lot of negative energy accumulate in our head so that it does not cause us damage in our body, you have to regularly pull it out, give it an outlet, negative energy that is lying in the body can cause a lot of destruction which translates into diseases visible from the outside, therefore, every day, I take care not to maintain negative energy in myself and carry out cleansing exercises.

Natural Supplements

Most of us buy products in stores, and these nowadays, unfortunately, are very lacking in vitamins that they should contain, mass production on a global scale has contributed to a huge demand so that vegetables, meat and fruits began to be produced at an unnatural pace, in such conditions it is impossible that they have the same nutritional value, that is why supplementation and other ways are so common nowadays to make up for the missing elements. I trust mother nature more than various companies that focus on profit, which is why I always try to find the missing elements in natural products in the first place, and I put commercial supplementation at the end when I have no choice to provide the necessary vitamins. In this section I will present some interesting wonders of nature that cause miracles in the body and with ailments, and are generally available and few people realize their benefits for us.