Michał Makarewicz

Michał Makarewicz

My Python projects

Currently, I deal with programming mainly in Python, here is my public library of my projects on which I worked.
(some of my projects are hidden, available only for my needs, which is why the gallery presents part of my portfolio)

Instamation v2.7 - Instagram Bot
Generator Product List - Creator CSV
Ebay reset product listing ID - Reset EbayID

The program logs in to the Instagram account and browses the #Hashtagi anyone who is not posted on the logged in account, in the second version of the application has been added the option of leaving a comment under the like-like posts.

The program in the console, the application processes data from File Exchange files downloaded from Ebay and compares with the current file containing a list of products and prepares several different file formats for different Applications for Dropshipping that require a list of products from Excell/CSV.

The program compares files from the product list to your listings and throws out unnecessary items that are no longer available on Ebay. – The program supplemented the problematic operation of applications that collected products in the Excell file but never deleted them, the program removes unnecessary items.

Tibia Runes Calculator - v1.0
Tibia Online Checker - v1.1
Password Protector v1.0

A program that calculated profit and waste when creating magical runes from the game Tibia, a calculator that helps to quickly calculate what is most profitable.

Tibia game program, which checks when a given player logs in or logs out of / to the game and triggers an alarm that notifies about it. The program uses Selenium libraries and checks for availability on the home page of the background tibia.com.

An application that allows you to encrypt/secure a TXT file in which you can safely store passwords or sensitive data for the user. A program secured with a pin, which is also encrypted in the application and not readable. The program uses a generated cipher that can be changed at any time.

Astro Loader v1.0 - IKEA plugin app

A program that speeds up the process of issuing loads in the Booking Office-IKEA, a program using pyautogui libraries, carries out a fairly long process of issuing cargo, filling in all the data in the digital process at IKEA. The program serves as a plugin for Astro that manages the process of issuing payloads.

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